About Us

Ekspres Transport started its activities in 1977 under the wings of Mağdenli Group Companies, aiming to serve on the transportation line between Turkey and CIS countries.

We provide reliable and fast shipping solutions to our customers with our wide service network extending from Turkey to Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Turkmenistan continuously opening a new route every day with our tarpaulin trucks with a carrying capacity of 0-22 tons and a volume of 92 m3.

We provide 24/7 support and consultancy services to our customers with our professional team, by making use of technological opportunities and our experience of many years. With the support of Mağdenli Group Companies, we provide turnkey services in important domestic and international projects, from the transportation of oversized and heavy loads, starting from the planning stage to the distribution of vehicles, obtaining official permits and escort services in all areas of transportation.


As the founding partner of the Mağdenli Group Company, Mehmet Mağdenli started to work in the service sector and served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager until 2003.

Mehmet Mağdenli entered the transportation and service sector by establishing his own business in the fields of "Transport, Insurance and Customs Clearance".

With the establishment of its first subsidiary, “Ekspres”, the activities in the transportation and service sector expanded.

It has entered the domestic and international transportation field by holding the C2 Certificate of Authority, and has taken part in Turkey's important investments such as the Atatürk Dam and Karakaya Dam, with heavy transportation vehicle and equipment investments.

Mağdenli Transport and Trade Inc. It was established with a capital of 5,000,000 TL and new workplaces began to be opened in the country, and today it has become one of the leading companies in the heavy and project transportation sector.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce "Annual Award Ceremonies" in the "Companies Bringing Foreign Exchange by Providing Services in Transport" ranking "First" or "Second" plaque started to receive and continues to receive today.

Ekspres; By transferring its heavy transport fleet to Mağdenli, it has gained a significant share in its field by starting export and import transports from Turkey to CIS countries with its tilt vehicle investments.

With the experience and experience gained in the sector, it has added the countries of Mongolia and Kazakhstan to its wide service network.

Ekspres under the wings of Mağdenli Group Company; It took part in the construction phase of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline.

It provided vehicle support to Mağdenli in the TANAP Pipeline Project and added a new one to its references with its devoted and successful services.

Ekspres; With its 55 years of experience, it maintains its place in the sector with its smart transportation solutions extending from Turkey to Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.