Road Transports

As Ekspres Transport, with our strong infrastructure, Euro 6 standard, environmentally friendly, satellite connection tracking system, 22 tons capacity and 92 m3 volume vehicle fleet from Turkey to;













We provide transportation services to all CIS countries with our self-owned vehicles from EU countries through Turkey with Transit Transfer.

With our professional and expert team, we monitor our vehicles online 24/7, inform them at every stage of transportation and produce reliable and customer-oriented solutions.

Heavy and Project Transports

With the modular system hydraulic platform trailers, hydraulic and lowbed vehicle fleet we have under the wings of Mağdenli; we can transport heavy items up to 80 meters long and 1000 tons and unload and load them with our self-owned cranes.

As one of the largest and most experienced names in transportation, we provide turnkey service with our experiences team and perform customs clearance and handling operations, in major projects in Turkey; where transportation processes must be managed with precision.

Railway Transports

We provide cost-effective, fast and reliable rail transportation services to our customers in export shipments from Turkey to European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries and import shipments from these countries to Turkey.

As Ekspres Transport, we offer suitable transportation solutions to our customers with the advantage of being a long-term price guarantee and an environmentally friendly transportation model that is not affected by climatic conditions.

Air and Sea Transports

Sea Transports

As Ekspres Transport; With our wide agency network, we offer expert logistics solutions for your full and partial cargoes in sea cargoes. By choosing the most cost-effective freight for your cargo, we provide trouble-free and reliable service at all stages of the operation with our experienced team.

Air Transports

Thanks to our IATA agency owned by Mağdenli, we provide safe and fast service to every point of the world at international standards with our wide service network opportunities in air transport.

Fair and Event Logistics

As Ekspres Transport in the field of Fair and Event Logistics; We provide services at all stages of the organization such as international transportation, customs services, packaging, handling and storage for all kinds of cargo to be exhibited by our customers from Turkey.

For your heavy and out-of-gauge cargoes, we offer the opportunity to display your cargo on-board without being unloaded from the vehicle, and we deliver it to Turkey again at the end of the fair.

Custom Clearance and Warehousing Services

As Ekspres Transport; With our self-owned forklifts and cranes, we provide handling, shifting, loading, unloading, placing on the foundation, safe storage in all port areas and open and closed areas.

With the advantage of our Authorized Liability Certificate owned by Mağdenli, we can carry out customs clearance on-site at lower costs and carry out customs clearance procedures smoothly and on time.